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General rental conditions.


àvido Rentals operation S.L.

Carrer Sant Lluiz 75a

07459 Son Serra de Marina

(hereinafter called àvido, àvido Rentals or landlady/landlord)

For a agreed upon useful life in price groups and rental property types, the renter accepts rental property types in his possession and can manage them on his own responsibility. The renting takes place in Germany and can be used by the tenant also within the European union (in the following also EU called) in own responsibility. If this is the case, the landlord will provide the tenant with rental object types per price group within the EU through own or third logistics networks.

A: Machines and equipment condition

1. Repairs & equipment The renter undertakes to handle the rental property with care and in the same manner as his own property. All regulations and technical rules relevant for the use, in particular the instructions of the employees, must be observed. He informs employees automatically about defects or damages discovered by him. The tenants of the landlady are basically non-alcoholized or are not under the influence of other sensory impaired means.


2. Rental objects If during the rental period a repair to maintain the operation or the security of the rental property or a mandatory inspection is necessary, the renter may commission a contract workshop up to an estimated repair cost of 30 EUR.


3. Battery Charge / Tank Control / Accumulators 

1. The tenant is handed over the rental object with full battery (full tank).

2. The tenant can unload the rental property during the rental period and return without any further costs.


B: Reservations, Withdrawal, Cancellations.

Bookings for the prepaid rate

1. Reservations are only binding for price groups, not for rental object types. If the tenant does not take over the rental property within one hour after the agreed time, there is no longer any reservation obligation.


2. The maximum rental period for a prepaid rate booking is 7 days. Up to one hour before the beginning of the rental period, a change of the booking is possible for a change of booking fee of 20 EUR, plus any difference between the originally selected tariff and the changed tariff. A transfer from a prepaid tariff to a non-prepaid tariff is not possible. In addition, the place of pick-up and / or return can not be rebooked to places outside of the rental and / or return area specified at the time of reservation.


a: Cancellations of bookings Cancellations are only binding for price groups, not for types of rental property, consequences of the stroner The tenant can cancel a booking up to 30 days before the rental date and is entitled to a refund of the rental prepayment (including fees and extras) Cancellation from 29 days before the rental date is no longer entitled to a refund of the rental advance payment (including fees and extras), unless the lessee proves that no or lower costs were incurred in connection with the cancellation by the landlord. In this case, the renter will be offered a voucher in the form of a transferable voucher ID from the landlady in goodwill.


b.: Refunds of deposit, fees and extras All parts of the advance payment such as deposits including the rent including any possibly booked extras and fees will be refunded at the earliest ten working days after the cancellation date. Under B: Reservations, bookings for the prepaid tariff with number 3. Refund of pre-paid advance payment and D. the general rental conditions apply.

Cancellations can be made online or in writing and must be sent to


àvido Rentals operation S.L.

Carrer Sant Lluiz 75a

07459 Son Serra de Marina

E Mail: avido.rentals@gmail.com

Should the booking due to

c. Force majeure such as severe weather, heavy waves or thunderstorms can be canceled, so it can be flexibly postponed to another day if available. About the occurrence of a booking at the o. G. If the rebooking is not possible due to important interests or the limited period of stay in the residence area of Majorca, the renter will receive a transferable unlimited credit over the whole price in the form of a voucher ID.

For pre-paid rate bookings, vouchers or credit balances can not be credited to the rental price either during or after the booking, unless the conditions noted on the voucher explicitly allow redemption for prepaid rate bookings and the voucher value is already deducted during the booking becomes.

For bookings, which are closed exclusively by means of remote communication (eg via a homepage, app, email, telephone, etc.) or outside of business premises, there is no right of revocation.

End of the revocation instruction Sample revocation form (If you want to revoke the contract, then please fill out this form and send it back.)


àvido Rentals operation S.L.

Carrer Sant Lluiz 75a

07459 Son Serra de Marina

E-Mail: avido.rentals@gmail.com

I / we () hereby revoke the contract concluded by me / us ()

for the purchase of the following goods () /

the performance of the following service ()

Ordered on () /

received on ()

the name of the consumer (s)

s) Address of the consumer (

s) Signature of the consumer (s)

(only if communicated on paper)

Date (*) Delete as appropriate.

C. Documents to be provided for collection of rental property Authorized tenants, permitted uses and journeys

1. The renter must be on the transfer of the rental property to guide the rental property required mental health condition, a valid means of payment as well as an identity card or passport and present the valid voucher ID.


2. In the case of prepaid rate bookings, the means of payment used at the time of booking must be presented. If the lessee can not provide these documents when handing over the rental object, the lessor will withdraw from the lease;


3. Claims of the renter for non-performance are excluded in these cases. In addition, certain age groups are subject to age restrictions. A list of age and driving conditions can be consulted on the Avido website, in the Avido stations or by phone before booking. The rental property may only be managed by the renter or, in the case of corporate clients, by the users specified in the rental agreement. If the rental property will be driven by other than the aforementioned person, an additional fee will apply for each additional driver. The applicable fees can be viewed on Avido's website, in Avido Station or by phone before booking.


4. The rental property may only be used near the coast. The Mariamen rules and customs are to be obeyed. Respect the Coast!


5. Travel Areas: The Renter may only operate the rental object in driving areas and within these only in regions for which the rental objects have been approved and insured. If the renter is outside the driving area, he will be asked to drive and leave rental objects in the nearest adequate port / facility. If this contract termination, the renter has no right to refund the charter fee or deposit. Emerging costs for damages incurred and repatriation to the home port or place of the landlady. carries the renter. The general insured sailing area is the Spanish Mediterranean.


6. Custody and rights of use. The renter must treat the vehicle with care and adhere to all applicable regulations and technical rules. The renter represents the actions of the respective user as his own.


7. Excluded Uses are for competition purposes, in particular driving events, in which it depends on the achievement of a maximum speed, or in the associated practice trips, for commercial passenger transport, for subletting, for the commission of criminal offenses, even if these only with the right of the crime scene Punishment, for the transport of highly flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances.


8. The renter is obliged to properly secure cargo.


9. Depending on the rental object category, the use of rental objects for certain countries is prohibited. A list of countries in which the respective rental object categories may not be used can be viewed on the avido website and in the avido station or requested by phone before making a reservation. In addition, the countries in which the rental property in question may not be used, listed in the lease contract printing.


10. Violation of or non-fulfillment of any of the provisions of paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 entitles the Lessor to terminate the rental agreement without notice or to withdraw from the rental agreement. Compensation claims of the renter are excluded in such a case. The claim for compensation for the damage caused to avido due to the violation of one of the provisions in accordance with the preceding paragraphs 1.2, 3, 5 or 7 shall remain unaffected.

D: Descriptions of Experiences

(1) àvido Rentals constantly strives to describe the experiences presented by it correctly and as accurately as possible. However, the contents of the experience descriptions and the processes of an experience may be subject to change. àvido Rentals strives for a continuous update of the experience descriptions on this website.

(2) The descriptions of experiences on this website as well as the used photographs and illustrations to the experiences are exemplary and serve the general description. The photos and / or pictures of z. As actions, situations, people, vehicles, places, etc., are not binding and may vary. The experience descriptions and experience illustrations may sometimes differ in their actual execution, in color and design of the image, but remain identical in value.

(3) The information regarding the duration of the experiences offered are for guidance only and are not binding. The experiences may possibly take place in groups, together with other participants, according to the information in the respective description of the experience. Waiting periods when using the experiences can not be excluded.

(4) The àvido Rentals merchandising products may differ slightly in shape and color from the photographs of the àvido Rentals merchandising products included on this website.

E: Requirements for Participation in an Experience

(1) Participation in certain experiences requires a minimum level of personal aptitude (e.g., height, age, health condition, weight, driving license). These (minimum) prerequisites for your experience can be found in the descriptions of experiences on this website.


(2) Many experiences take place in the open air and are subject to weather conditions. If participation in an event depends on certain weather conditions, we will inform you in the experience descriptions. It may be necessary to query the weather conditions shortly before or on the day of participation in the experience partner. This information is to be obtained directly from you. If the experience is not feasible due to the weather, §2 apply. Paragraph a-c of these terms and conditions.


(3) Physical disabilities àvido Rentals welcomes the participation of people with disabilities in the price groups and types of rentals offered, but points out that participation in this case may be cumbersome or impossible. We therefore ask you to inform us about existing disabilities before purchasing. F: Warranty (1) In the case of legal transactions with a consumer, ie a natural person, who concludes the legal transaction for purposes that can not be assigned to their commercial or independent professional activity, any warranty claims based on legal and / or Material defects the legal regulations application.


G: rental price

1. If the rental property is not returned to the same rental location at which it was rented, the renter is obliged to reimburse the repatriation costs or pay a one-way fee, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. The rental price consists of a base rental price, special services and any location surcharges. Special services include, in particular, one-way charges, costs for accumulators and / or rechargeable batteries, and service fees, as well as service and transport costs for delivery and collection costs. Any regional delivery surcharge will be levied on the base rental price plus the fee for any special services. Special rates and discounts apply only in case of timely payment. All prices include VAT (if VAT applies).


3. For deliveries and pick-ups, the agreed delivery or collection fees plus the costs for refueling and energy costs will be invoiced in accordance with the price list valid at the time of rental.

The valid price list is located in the station / delivery vehicle.

In the rental contract, a specific station / central delivery location is agreed as the place of the rental object return at the end of the lease.

A one-way rental is referred to below as a rental agreement in which a station is agreed as the place of return, which deviates from the station at which the rental property was handed over to the tenant. If the rental object is handed over at a station other than the one stipulated in the rental contract as the return location for a one-way rental, the renter has to pay a location charge of 29.99 EUR (including VAT). If, in a rental agreement in which the same station has been agreed as the place of transfer and return, the rental object is delivered to a deviating station, the renter has a location charge of 29.99 EUR (including VAT) and an additional one-way fee according to the price list valid at the time of rental.


H: Due date, electronic invoicing, terms of payment, security deposits (deposit) termination without notice due to late payment, persons. Accident. protection

1. The rental price (plus any other agreed fees, such as indemnity, delivery costs, etc.) plus value added tax in the applicable statutory amount is in principle to be paid in full for the agreed rental period, i. Refunds in case of late rental pickup or early return will not occur.


The rental price is due at the beginning of the rental period, for bookings at the prepaid rate already at the end of the booking. In the case of foreign bookings for the prepaid rate, the landlord is only active as a collection agent for collection of the due upon conclusion of the booking rental price.


2. If the rental period is more than 7 days, the rent is payable in periods of 8 days. If the rental period ends before the expiration of a further period of 8 days, then the invoice amount remaining since the last billing is payable at the time of termination of the rent. I. The renter agrees that the landlord's invoices are always sent in electronic form to the specified invoice recipient. The renter agrees that he no longer receives any paper invoices and the landlord sends an electronic invoice that conforms to the legal requirements to the deposited email address.


The renter may object to the sending of invoices in electronic form at any time. In this case, the landlady will provide the invoices in paper form to the tenant. In this case, the renter has to bear the additional costs for sending the invoice in paper form and postage. The renter is responsible for being able to receive electronic invoices or, if agreed, to collect them in electronic form. Disruptions to the reception facilities or other circumstances that prevent access, the tenant is responsible. An invoice has been received as soon as it is received by the tenant. If the landlord only sends a note and the tenant can retrieve the bill or the landlord provides the bill for retrieval, the bill has been received when it has been called by the tenant. The renter is obliged to make calls for the provided invoices within reasonable periods.

If an invoice is not received or can not be received, the renter will inform the lessor about this without delay. In this case the landlord sends a copy of the bill again and designates it as a copy. If the disruption in the possibility of sending is not promptly eliminated, the lessor is entitled to send invoices in paper form until the disturbance has been rectified. The costs of sending paper invoices are borne by the renter. If the tenant has access data, user names or passwords provided by the landlord, they must be protected against unauthorized access and treated in the strictest confidence. If the renter becomes aware that the information has been obtained by unauthorized persons, he must inform the lessor immediately.

Q: At the beginning of the rental period, the renter is required to pay a security deposit in addition to the rental price as security for the performance of his duties.

The amount of the deposit depends on the price group of the rented rental property (for example, flex JetPak rental group, the deposit is 500.00 Euro).

1. The rental property group of a rental property can be determined online at any time at www.avido-rentals.com or requested by telephone or at any Avido Station. The rental property group is also listed in the reservation confirmation and the rental agreement.

The lessor is not obliged to invest the security separately from their assets. There is no interest on the security. The landlady can assert her right to a security for a longer period of time after the start of the lease.


2. Unless otherwise agreed, the rent, all other agreed fees and the security (deposit) will be charged to the means of payment, in particular the credit card, debit card or Maestro card, of the renter. Special fares are only valid for the period offered and require that the rental takes place for the complete rental period agreed upon rental. When exceeding or falling short of the agreed rental period applies for the entire rental period not the special tariff, but the normal rate.

G: In case of breach of the return obligation several tenants are liable as joint debtors.

1. If the lessee does not return the rental object or accessory to the lessor by the expiry of the agreed rental period, it is entitled to demand compensation for the duration of the withholding as compensation for use at least in the amount of the previously agreed rent; The assertion of further damage is not excluded.


2. For long-term rentals (rentals with an agreed rental period of more than 7 days) in addition to paragraphs 1 to 5 of this section, the following applies: The tenant is obliged to rent the property in the event of reaching the specified in the rental agreement. In the event that the renter exceeds the allowable period specified in the rental agreement by more than 100 minutes and / or returns the rental property after the date stated in the rental agreement, he is obliged to pay a contractual penalty of EUR 500; this does not apply if the renter proves that the landlord has incurred no or less damage. Upon reaching the duration stated in the rental agreement before expiry of the agreed rental period, the renter will receive an equivalent replacement rental object for the rest of the rental period upon return of the rental property.


H: Termination

1. The parties are entitled to terminate the rental agreements in accordance with the statutory provisions.

The landlady may terminate the leases extraordinarily without notice for good cause. As an important reason in particular significant deterioration of the financial circumstances of the tenant unacknowledged bank levies / checks directed against the tenant foreclosure measures, lack of care of the rental property, improper and unlawful use, disregard of the rules on the use of rental properties, the unreasonableness of the continuation of the lease. e.g. because of too high damage rate.


2. If there are several rental agreements between landlord and tenant and the landlord is entitled to extraordinary termination without notice of a lease for good cause, they may terminate the other leases extraordinarily without notice, if it is the maintenance of other leases due to grossly unlawful conduct of the tenant is not reasonable. This is especially the case if the renter deliberately damages a rental property; the landlord culpably concealed or attempted to conceal any damage caused to the rented property; the landlord deliberately inflicts damage; with rental payments totaling at least one hourly rent more than five banking days in arrears; a rental property used in or to commit intentional crimes.


3. If the landlord terminates a rental agreement, the tenant is obligated to immediately hand over the rental objects, all accessories and all rental objects to the landlord.

I: àvido Extras, Services, Returns, Delivery Restrictions


1. The tenant takes when requesting ávido Tools and services to the offer for personal leasing from Germany by automatic expression of a corresponding rental contract and upon delivery of the property key either at ávido delivery vehicle or at the agreed location.

The landlord can use own companies, commissioned foreign companies or their representatives to carry out the allocation procedure of the rental object type. The assignment assignment and the presentation procedure on site is in the full ownership of the tenant and is included in the rental price, insofar as the tenant accepts the price group and type of rental object.


2. The tenant recognizes when using the Avido Extra Service the lease. which he receives at each rental, even without signature performance as binding on himself.

3. The renter expressly assures that he is in full possession of his mental powers when concluding the leases. He undertakes to notify the lessor of any changes, in terms of his permit, his address, in his credit card named in the Master Agreement until the conclusion of the respective follow-on rental agreement.


J: Direct debit authorization of the tenant

1. The tenant authorizes the landlord and their collection Agents irrevocably all car rental costs and all contiguous with the lease of the other claims presented at the end of the lease, designated in the lease or debit from the later submitted or by the tenant additionally named means of payment.

K: Data protection clause

1. The ávido Rentals is the responsible entity for the purposes of data protection law, the personal data of the tenant are for the purpose of contract grounds, execution or termination of the ávido or collected, processed and used an appointed by them with the rental rates Third , A promotional use is only for self-promotion purposes (including referral advertising). Transmission to other third parties shall only take place to the extent necessary for the performance of the contract, e.g. to the lessee's credit card company for billing purposes, the operator of the online application in the case of point I.5 and in the case of points I.3. and I.5. to the appropriate authority or body for the direct enforcement of such fees, costs, fees or penalties and cautions. Any further use requires the statutory permission or consent.

2. Notice pursuant to Article 21 DSGVO. The tenant may at any time object to any processing or use of his data for purposes of advertising or market or opinion research and / or online at (https://www.avido-rentals.com/gdpr) request a report on personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The objection should be sent to:

Mail to: avido.rentals@gmail.com

L: General Provisions 1. Offsetting against claims of the Lessor is only possible with undisputed or legally established claims of the Lessee or an authorized driver. 2. All rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be in favor of and to the detriment of the Authorized Rider or his legal guardian.

3. As long as and to the extent nothing is stipulated in this agreement, the provisions of the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) and the provisions of the General Conditions for Motor Insurance (AKB 95) shall apply mutatis mutandis.

This also applies to ambiguities arising from this agreement. 4. The European Commission has set up a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution of consumer disputes at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Avido Rentals does not participate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure.


M: Jurisdiction, written form

1. Verbal collateral agreements do not exist. 2. Jurisdiction, if the tenant is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law Germany, Reutlingen.

N: Supplementary provisions for the use of Avido Online Applications & Forum.

The renter confirms with his electronic registration our terms of use with the Scope 1, up to and including 8. which the renter can read online on (aviodo-rentals.com/Use). Objection should be sent to: Mail to: avido.rentals@gmail.com


O: Change of these terms and conditions

(1) àvido Rentals reserves the right to change these terms and conditions to restore the balance of the contractual relationship. If you make such a change worse in relation to the time of the conclusion of the contract, this change will only be effective if it is not necessary due to technical or legal changes that occurred after conclusion of the contract and were not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded has caused and on the avido Rentals has no influence.

(2) Your approval is required for changes to essential provisions of these GTC after the conclusion of the contract, in particular those concerning the nature and scope of the services. Such changes are only permitted if they are reasonable for you, taking into account your and our interests, or have become necessary due to technical or calculative changes in market conditions after the conclusion of the contract or if third parties (eg partners) from whom àvido Rentals purchases services offer their services change or raise their prices. The price change is limited to the extent of the cost change. Your consent is deemed to have been given if Jochen Schweizer notifies you of the change in text form and you do not object to the change within the reasonable deadline contained in the notification. In this communication, àvido Rentals will inform you about the consequences of a refusal.

(3) For the rest, the general terms and conditions applicable on this website by avido Rentals apply in their current version without the need for a separate notice regarding a change.





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