8 hours

straight performance

You know it! Become a Reward sport Club member and enjoy many benefits and costs. 

exclusive driving pleasure

Club Member from 18 years

Exclusively for our Reward Club members. Perfect for athletic performers.


We voluntarily restrict the offer of Reward sports Members Pak and refuse the rental or the issue to persons under 18 years.


100% own power

8 hours of individual excursions
as fast as you can with your own power to explore the coasts.

clear path

Individual Trips or Meet & Greet?

We deliver Water Toys directly and pick it up there again! 

Meet us at the 6 central Meet & Greet stations, near the beach or easily accessible places. Or just enjoy your Reward Sportclub member benefits.

If you prefer another beach section - you can also move the Water Toys there. Simply choose the extra "outside" - as a sports reward rental member you don't pay an extra charge for this "extra" and save the fee of 49,00 EUR.

safe mode


We have secured ourselves and you well.

Reward members enjoy a low deductible. nope.

Our rental packages also include life jackets. + a free give away.




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